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Fun-Filled Activities That Foster Creativity in Children


Whether through finger painting or singing songs, nurturing your child’s creativity through daily activities can have several positive effects. Being creative can help children achieve developmental milestones by developing their hand and eye coordination, fostering imagination, and encouraging sensory development.

As your child’s daycare center in Maryland, we will share a few fun-filled activities that foster creativity in children:

  • Make Hand Puppets
    Use spare materials at home like some yarn, old newspapers, magazines, socks, and similar materials to create hand puppets. Ask your child what kind of character they are trying to create and help associate different materials for each body part, such as using yarn for hair. Afterward, challenge him or her to host a puppet theatre show for the whole family.
  • Create a Superhero Persona
    Whether in preschool or at home, children love to play pretend and transform themselves into different characters. Create a superhero persona with your child and act out roles in imaginative play. This can spark creativity and establish their problem-solving abilities as well.
  • Organize a Family Book Club
    Designate a time and space to read books together each week. Pick an age-appropriate book and discuss its characters, plot, and more. This activity not only nurtures your child’s creativity but also encourages early literacy.

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