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Take a look at the programs we have to offer.

As a provider of child care in Potomac and Rockville, Maryland, we at A To Z Fun Care Preschool & Child Care Center provide a wide array of programs that are defined by the child’s age group. Each of our programs is developed by our staff members to ensure that each child is able to get the best education possible. The following programs are offered:

Did you know that A To Z Fun Care Early Learning Childcare Center offers weekly Music & Dance classes?
This program has designed for Toddlers,Twos, Preschoolers, and Pre-K children. Our music and dance teacher is certified with so many great teaching skills such as:

  • Foster a love of music and singing, so that children feel the joy of that.
  • Teach songs and musical games to toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, and pre-K children.
  • Help children learn to sing as a group.
  • Develop children’s natural rhythm through clapping, moving, swaying, stomping, dancing, using rhythm instruments, etc. to music.
  • Develop children’s awareness of contrasts in music – slow/fast, loud/soft, high pitch/low pitch.
  • Introduce children to classical music, including:
    • – Identifying instruments in the orchestra and classifying them into families.
    • – Learning about composers and listening to their works.
  • Introduce music from other cultures though holiday celebrations from these countries.
  • Teach partner songs, rounds and simple two-part songs to older children.
  • Demonstrate how instruments work and compare instruments.
  • Play Autoharp, guitar, some piano to accompany children’s songs.

Also Mrs Scott has level 4 of teaching. She earned her master degree from University of Maryland and her major was Human development.

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