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We will try to add something beautiful to this beautiful world.

All art class sessions will be accompanied by storytelling, and children will get to know these concepts in the form of stories:

History of Art

In these sessions:
I will introduce famous artists of the world with a puppet show and explain their painting style. After this, the children try to experience that method. For example, Vincent van Gogh tried to show happiness, sadness, and energy in his paintings. After looking at his paintings, the children try to show their emotions in the art of Frida Kahlo, who painted many self-portraits to introduce herself. Children draw portraits of their own faces.

Environmental Experiences

In these sessions:
We try to look more carefully and differently around us and discover those things that seem insignificant. The artist can introduce important and unseen corners to the world. Children look at nature and the environment and draw the result of their discoveries.

Ancient Stories

All the ancient cultures of world history have very interesting stories and legends. Knowing them will increase the creativity of children’s minds and their interest in history and study. I tell these stories in a very simple way with puppets and shadow shows to the children, and I ask them to draw these stories. Stories from Ancient Greece, Ancient Iran, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, and Ancient China prepare children’s minds to make their own stories.

Occasions & Events

In our daily life, we have a lot of personal and public occasions to which children like to react. I will try to guide them in this direction, wanting them to show their excitement about these days with art: celebrations, birthdays, Christmas, National Day, and more.

Free Days

We dedicate days each year to free art. On these days, children are free to draw on any subject they like, whatever interests them and stirs their thoughts.

And the most important thing:

Art class is a creativity class, a discovery class, liberation, happiness, and finding treasures. I’m not just teaching art to your kids, I’m raising them to be inquisitive.