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Guiding your child with their preparation towards the first stage of education

Introducing your child to the world can be overwhelming. Children have a lot to ask, most especially when they find something interesting. Our faculty members here at A To Z Fun Care Preschool & Child Care Center are determined and dedicated to imparting the knowledge your child needs during their preparation stage. We make sure that as they learn the basics, it will be with fun and excitement to nurture their curious minds.

Our preschool curriculum tackles:

  • Reading Comprehension – Engaging children with imaginative stories and nurture their comprehension
  • Emergent Writing – Helping the child develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, allowing them to develop their writing
  • Communication and Vocabulary – Build and widen the child’s vocabulary through vocabulary cards and activities
  • Counting and Number Concepts – Expanding each child’s math learning with self-check numbers, counting and sorting activities, and more
  • Science – Helping the child in identifying the body parts and its functions, expanding their basic knowledge about human biology

Our students will be learning with the following:

  • Music and Movement Activities
  • Art Supplies
  • Math Tools
  • Science Tools
  • Literacy Tools
  • Social Tools
  • And More
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