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Guidelines for Buying the Right Toys for Your Toddler


Whether you are a new parent or have been for a while now, you may ask yourself what’s the best toy for your toddler. The truth is, the best toys are those that nurture your child’s skills while ensuring toy safety. The less a toy does, the more opportunity your toddler has to create and learn something from it.

As a daycare center in Maryland, we have created guidelines for choosing the right toys for your toddler. In general, it’s best to choose toys that:

  • Encourage Creativity
    Toddlers often like to take toys apart and build them together again. Hence, open-ended toys are often recommended for free play. One example is building blocks which can be played with in a number of ways. These types of toys encourage problem-solving and exploration along with promoting creativity.
  • Grow with Your Toddler
    As a parent, you may have had the experience of buying a toy that your child plays with for a few days and never touches again. To prevent this, it is better to choose toys that can grow with your toddler. Good examples include toddler-friendly dollhouses, toy trains and other vehicles, and action figures.
  • Promote Cross-Generational Play
    If you’ve got a child attending preschool and another attending kindergarten, choose toys that promote cross-generational play. Toys like board or card games encourage counting and memory skills while building their social abilities. Just make sure to avoid board games with small pieces.

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