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Dealing with a Child’s School Separation Anxiety


A child’s separation anxiety can be hard to manage. Some may not have separation anxiety at the moment, but when parents drop them at school, it will kick in.

As a daycare center in Maryland, we understand that each child always has a different feeling when going to school. For one, children are not yet used to being left behind. Two, it is normal for them to occur.

Some parents will stop or will not send their child to a preschool due to this reason. However, despite the factors that hinder them, it is significant to know why it is essential. Early childhood education is vital for a child to reach their developmental milestones on time.

The tantrums and meltdowns can be manageable, so long as you know how to handle them properly. Here are some tips to promote success dealing with the separation anxiety of your child:

  • Create and practice a goodbye ritual with your child. You can practice a goodbye routine with them until it is time to attend school.
  • Show them that you are excited about them going to school. Your excitement is infectious to your child. Hence, they will be looking forward to it.
  • Mostly, talk to them about it. Let the child understand and assure them that it will be brief, and you will be back to fetch them in no time.

A To Z Fun Care Preschool & Child Care Center can be your child’s practice ground for big school. Our center for child care in Potomac, Maryland, will help them learn while having fun. We will guide them to unlock new skills, develop more, and gain independence.

Talk to us about our program. Give us a call for your questions and inquiries.

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