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Learn what activities we have planned.
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An important aspect of early childhood education is the activities that are planned for the children. Our activities ensure that each child is having fun while they are learning and absorbing all that they can about the world around them. Our teachers collaborate with each other in order to create activities that are suitable and appropriate for children of different age groups.

What Do We Offer?

A. Physical Activities

At A To Z Fun Care Preschool & Child Care Center, we nurture the physical health and development of every child we care for. We have age-appropriate physical activities like dance, music, arts, etc., that will bring out the best in children, not only with their strength and balance but also the way they treat others, thus, fostering healthy relationship among kids, parents, and teachers.

Advantages of Physical Activities for Kids

  1. It promotes a healthier and stronger heart.
  2. It promotes a healthier weight range.
  3. It improves self-esteem.
  4. It strengthens bones, muscles, and joints.
  5. It fosters learning new skills and developing talents while having fun.
  6. It nurtures social interaction and positive relationships.
  7. It enhances focus and concentration.
  8. It reduces the risk of developing health conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, and high blood pressure.

B. Educational Activities

One way to hone one’s knowledge and skills is to provide constant training through education. Teaching kids to read, write, or count, among others, requires patience, passion, and dedication. Our teaching force is committed to cultivating the academic knowledge of children as well as their capability to perform different activities, their creativity, and camaraderie. We promote active learning by conducting a variety of classroom activities and projects that will enable them to harness their potential.

Through active learning and purposeful plays, children will be able to:

  1. Develop teamwork/collaborative skills
  2. Have increased retention
  3. Improve their critical thinking skills
  4. Develop their creativity and imagination
  5. Be more prepared for higher education and the real world
  6. Engage in mind-stimulating activities
  7. Know how to solve problems effectively
  8. Foster good morals and right conduct
  9. Meet friends
  10. Gain lifelong learning

C. Group Activities

Through our group activities, children will learn how to participate in a classroom and have ideas on ways to participate in the community, thus, helping break communication barriers and offer equal opportunity to kids and parents to take part in societal undertakings. Moreover, group activities like storytime and the like will improve the kid’s imagination and sense of belongingness.

Some Benefits of Group Activities

  1. Children will learn to plan and manage time.
  2. Challenge assumptions among kids.
  3. Children will develop effective communication skills.
  4. Children will have a refined understanding through group discussion and explanation.
  5. Complex tasks will be broken into simpler parts and steps for children to accomplish more efficiently.
  6. Children will learn better through feedback and collaboration.

D. Outdoor Activities

Children have skills, talents, and hobbies that need to be nurtured and explored. As such, we provide outdoor activities to let children learn beyond academics. Evidently, outdoor activities can boost one’s mental health. It does not only bring fun and joy to kids and parents, but it also makes their bond stronger.

Why Let Your Kids Participate in Outdoor Activities?
Letting your child play outside and engage themselves in different outdoor activities can help them:

  1. Improve social behaviors
  2. Develop their personality and mindset
  3. Enhance mental and physical performance
  4. Reduce their risk of health conditions, including myopia, heart disease, asthma, and more.
  5. Increase their work productivity
  6. Improve their concentration and mood
  7. Reduce stress levels
  8. Experience hands-on learning
  9. Connect with nature
  10. Overcome fears
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