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Ways to Minimize Your Child’s Screen Time


It is inevitable for children not to use gadgets nowadays. Hence, parents need to be proactive in guiding them. Studies have shown that excessive screen time can lead to various health issues and learning disabilities in children. Moreover, studies prove that children who spend less than two hours on their phones or other devices are likely to make better progress at school.

A To Z Fun Care Preschool & Child Care Center, a certified provider of child care in Maryland, enumerated some helpful ways to minimize your child’s screen time:

  • Set Limits
    Every family has different values and needs, so there is no perfect amount of screen time. Start by setting a timer for each session of screen time. When the timer goes off, your child should immediately stop using their device or TV. That will allow them to get up and move around the house instead of sitting in front of it all day long.
  • Be Social
    Involve your kids in social spaces that allow them to be with peers. One way to achieve this is by looking for a reliable daycare center in your community where your child can gain friends, have fun, and learn all at once.
  • Plan Alternatives
    Come up with some alternatives when your child has free time. There are several other activities to keep your little one occupied, like drawing, playing a sport, or playing in the park with friends.

We hope that these tips will guide you through the process of raising your little ones. If you need a trusted preschool in Potomac, Maryland, feel free to send us a message. We are eager to help in building your child’s future.

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