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Warning Signs that Preschool Programs Should Avoid

warning-signs-that-preschool-programs-should-avoidFor our children, we parents are very much willing to give the best to them, including top-quality early education. In this regard, we see to it that they are enrolled in top-quality preschools similar to the child care in Maryland. Fortunately, there are several great preschool programs to choose from. But still, we should check carefully the preschool where we enroll our children into. If we notice some things that are detrimental to our children’s learning and development, such as the items below, we should talk to our children’s teacher or the program supervisor.

  • Unorganized space

    An unorganized space is a big no for preschoolers. This could result in our children wandering around and aren’t really participating in various activities. Or, our children are not given enough opportunities to explore different materials or to play.

  • One-way learning aids

    It can affect the learning potential of our children when the learning aids provided by the daycare center or preschools to them such as flashcards, worksheets, or toys can be only used one way. It minimizes children’s chances to make certain choices and address problems.

  • No participation of teachers in children’s activities

    It’s highly discouraged that teachers don’t participate in children’s activities. They should facilitate the activities and engage the children to do well in performing the various activities. They should ask questions or provide suggestions in order to aid in fostering deeper learning for our children. Teachers should guide the children on the things to do and how to do the activities.

  • Not setting clear limits for children’s behavior

    It’s the teacher’s responsibility to set clear limits for the behavior of children. It’s not advisable to just punish the kids when they have behavioral issues. Instead, it’s highly recommended that teachers aid children on how to behave better the next time.

  • Not sharing information about children’s progress with their families

    It’s a warning sign when our children’s progress is rarely reported by the teacher to us parents or our families. It’s not helpful when they just talk to us when problems arise and when they don’t ask us about our requests and concerns. Preschool programs should try to communicate with us in ways we can comprehend, such as what the daycare in Potomac Maryland is doing.

At A To Z Fun Care Preschool & Child Care Center, we put emphasis on developing your children’s potential with our top curriculum and highly proficient teachers. Feel free to contact us about our preschool in Potomac, Maryland.

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