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Tips for Teaching Your Little One Sign Language


Babies don’t know how to talk yet, such as how to communicate their needs. Your child will need time to learn, and if it is your first time as a parent, understanding their needs may tend to become difficult if they cannot form words yet.

We know how frustrating it can be for you to not immediately know how to help your little one when they are crying. Worry no more because A To Z Fun Care Preschool & Child Care Center is here to help you and your baby with their developmental milestones!

At our daycare center, we offer to teach infants and toddlers sign language. Sign language is also life-changing for kids who have hearing impairments and language delays. Below are a few tips and reminders for teaching your little one sign language:

  • Make it simple:

    It’s best to choose signs that are useful in everyday activities, such as “bath,” “drink,” and “eat.”

  • Set an example:

    Show your little one that you are using the signs while doing the task, such as “more” after a spoonful, so they can imitate it.

  • Always be patient and optimistic.

    You must remember that the goal is to improve communication, so be consistent with the use of sign language.

As a provider of child care in Maryland, our goal is to help your baby grow up to become the best version of themselves through our wide range of programs and activities! From infant care to art and music classes, we will guide your little one to a bright future!

Your baby deserves to have fun while learning and to live their early years full of joy, love, and support. Secure your child’s well-being by enrolling them at our preschool in Potomac, Maryland

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