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The Wonders of Teaching Your Child Another Language


Did you know that A To Z Fun Care Preschool & Child Care Center teaches kids to speak basic Spanish and French?

You might wonder why we would introduce such subjects so soon at our preschool in Potomac, Maryland. But our country has always consisted of diverse communities, and learning to communicate with them is a powerful way to promote friendship, cooperation, and mutual concern. Furthermore, research has shown that bilingualism offers developing minds several benefits.

Today, we would like to discuss why learning another language is helpful for your child’s development and why we promote it at our daycare center:

  • It encourages better academic performance.
    A report from the College Bound Seniors Report showed that students with four or more years of foreign language learning score an average of 140 points more than peers with less experience. This is because language learning is a discipline that exercises key parts of the brain, improving analysis, memory, and perception skills.
  • It raises a child’s appreciation for their mother language.
    Having to learn other languages is not just useful for multiracial children. Concepts and skills found in the process of learning a new language can lead back to the child’s first language, giving them a better grasp and appreciation of it.
  • It promotes a greater civic consciousness.
    As we mentioned before, being able to communicate with people from other cultures gives children a bigger perspective on humanity. They can grow to be adults who are more empathetic, compassionate, and helpful to those around them.

Call us today to learn more about our language-learning initiatives. We would love to answer your questions about our brand of child care in Maryland.

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