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The Advantage of a Polyglot Child

the-advantage-of-a-polyglot-childWe want them to be happy, to be smart. To be active and to be kind. These are characteristics that mark an achievement for their Developmental Milestones. But there is one more thing we should want our young ones to be: a polyglot.

A Polyglot is a person who speaks many languages especially if none of the child’s parents are from or has a different nationality. There are several advantages a child will experience if the child becomes a polyglot through learning languages. Here are two advantages based on the experts in Child Care in Maryland:

A child who learns languages improves their cognitive facilities and skills. Problem solving, listening, and critical thinking are some of the skills they’ll boost while studying a new language. Abilities to concentrate and multitask are also improved. A Preschool in Potomac, Maryland, had seen that children who learn languages are also academic achievers.

Another advantage is the child becomes aware of other cultures and develops cultural sensitivity. Studies have shown that kids who learn languages are more receptive to the culture of the language’s origin. They understand what other cultures and their people are. They’ll develop empathy towards them, too.

Worry not. At A to Z Fun Care Preschool & Child Care Center, our teachers and staff are equipped to start their journey to the world of international languages, starting with French and Spanish. We can even teach your young ones sign language! We thrive in diversity and inclusion. Most of all, we prosper in guiding the young generation and their parents towards a future full of love, friendship, and education.

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