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Learn at Home: Activities Children Can Enjoy Outside School

Learn at Home: Activities Children Can Enjoy Outside School

Many children are not able to go to Preschool nowadays due to the pandemic. We understand the difficult situation that most parents must be in. At A To Z Fun Care Preschool & Child Care Center, we encourage families to extend learning outside of school, which is why we created this list of fun activities that families can do with their children even at home.

  • Infants
    • Read books and make the stories come to life for them by changing your voice for different characters.
    • Practice tummy time. Give them toys or books that they can reach for and explore with.
    • Play with toys that play music. Have them listen to the different sounds that each object makes.
  • Young Toddlers
    • Get the children outside for fresh air if the weather allows. If there is snow, build a snowman together.
    • Create a sensory bin for your children to use. Add a variety of materials depending on your c.
    • Make taste-safe play dough with your children and pretend to make muffins like the Muffin Man.
  • Preschoolers
    • Create sensory bins that go with the stories that you are reading. Let the children reenact the story. Talk about the characters, the problem, and solutions that happen in the stories.
    • Use recycled materials to build with the children.
    • Fill a cookie sheet with salt and have your child practice writing letters or numbers on the tray.

Even if you can send your children to a Daycare Center in Maryland, it’s no reason not to start early education, even at home.

For more resources for Child Care in Potomac, Maryland, visit our site or contact us at 301-943-7775.

We also have programs for infant care In Potomac Maryland.

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