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How Sexual Abuse Negatively Affects a Child


Sexual abuse is seriously traumatizing and damaging to a child’s physical, sexual, psychological, and emotional well-being, particularly if it was perpetrated by someone they know and trust.

Children who have been sexually abused are at risk of developing various problems such as:

  • Depression and anxiety that can result in a withdrawn behavior, suicidal tendencies, and sudden outbursts of emotions
  • Difficulty sleeping due to increased nightmares of relieving the repeated sexual abuse
  • Post-traumatic disorder and inability to trust adults

The daycare center or school where children spend the majority of their time must be a safe environment to avoid any occurrence of sexual abuse.

A To Z Fun Care Preschool & Child Care Center is a trusted preschool in Potomac, Maryland where we provide a secure learning place for children, free from any kind of abuse and negative influences.

As a provider of reliable child care in Maryland,we give our young students high-quality programs that will help them grow up to be upstanding members of society and that they are prepared to face different challenges that may come their way.

To know more about our daycare in Potomac Maryland,you can call us at 301-943-7775.

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