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Encouraging Your Child’s Developmental Milestones

developmental-milestonesHas your child learned how to walk, talk, or behave at a certain age? If they learn a set of skills expected of them at their level, they have achieved their developmental milestones. Though some preschool children learn faster or slower than others, these milestones serve as standards.

  • Movement milestones
    If your child is enrolled in a daycare center in Maryland, for sure, you have observed that activities involving their fine motor skills are incorporated. These activities are designed to achieve movement milestones. Walk up the stairs while holding the railing, throw or kick a ball, run, and drive a bike are some of the examples.
  • Language milestones
    This involves speech development. Speaking and reading activities help in the development of this milestone. Some examples are telling stories, having a vocabulary of more than 1, 000 words, understanding what you say to them.
  • Cognitive milestones
    Recognize shapes, count up to 10, compare and contrast height are some of the milestones that belong here. It involves thinking critically and creatively.
  • Social and emotional milestones
    As parents place their kids in child care in Potomac, Maryland, the child learns to interact with other children, and develop social and emotional milestones. Following rules, discipline, and playing with other kids are part of this.

You can research the milestones of your child. Just check their age and the milestones they need to achieve. A To Z Fun Care Preschool & Child Care Center keeps these milestones in mind as they design activities and lessons for your kids so you can ensure that if your child is with them, they can achieve these milestones.

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